West Corporation (West) is a trusted global provider of technology-enabled communication services for over 25 years. Duo worked in collaboration with branding and communications solutions agency VSA Partners (VSA) to complete two phases of work on the West Unified Communications website: a full site build in Drupal 7 and integration with Lingotek for multiple translated versions of the website. VSA and West looked to us for our expertise with Drupal specifically and we were able to take the lead from a technology perspective to ensure the success of the project.


Phase One: Full Build in Drupal 7

A relationship with a previous development vendor had broken down, so VSA and West needed someone who could get the new West UC website over the finish line. Duo solved technical challenges that the client struggled with during the site build, and stepped in to complete the work on the initial phase of the project needed to get the new site deployed on time.

Duo handled both front and back-end development work, as well as all website deployments through Git. We were agile and iterative in responding to the needs of West, due to the lack of previously defined requirements from the first vendor brought on the project. Duo took the lead from a technology perspective in order to drive the project through to completion.



The website layout required a lot of control for site editors, which required a lot of complexity on the development side. We needed to set things up and organize them in a way that allowed editors to restructure the layout on their own.

  • Regressions: Through implementing a new process, Duo made sure different branches of the code were separated out so everything was clearer. Duo also began handling merging, reviewing the code and merging it back in to ensure that regressions were minimized.
  • Multiple Stakeholders: Different members of the West team needed to review different parts of the project, so it required us to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders.

West and VSA Partners were so pleased with the work Duo did to implement Phase One, they reached out directly to engage with us on Phase Two of the project. Prior to Phase Two, Duo worked with West to carry their team through the launch of the new website, train their staff on the new site, and clean up bugs from Phase One.


Duo is currently leading the process to implement translations for six languages on westuc.com. We are working directly with Lingotek, a cloud-based translation services provider, as well as the international team at West to go through a review process of all the necessary translations.

Duo created an optimal workflow for the translation projects by researching Lingotek to ensure we found the right way to integrate with their system. West originally wanted a complex solution and we, along with VSA, were able to help them discover that it was going to be too complex for their team to manage moving forward. Duo then re-architected the solution to make it as simple as possible for the West team to manage.

  • Duo made use of Drupal's translation features to integrate with Lingotek and meet the client's needs.
  • We provided recommendations to West on best practices, including identifying a need to have English URLs for Japanese translations based on SEO best practices.

How Did It All Work Out?

Through our expertise in Drupal, Duo was able to transition from a contractor to a trusted partner for both West and VSA Partners.