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Union Leasing is a lease management company that specializes in cost maintenance of company fleets. When Union Leasing first approached Duo they were looking for a site that would leapfrog them ahead of their competitors as a thought leader in the field of fleet management. Duo was able to build a site optimized for industry news, streamlined for lead generation, and updated to exhibit stunning visuals and an intuitive user experience.

Duo created a site for Union Leasing that:

  • Positioned them as a thought leader
  • Is streamlined for lead generation
  • Embodies Union Leasing's culture
Union Leasing Landing Page


One of the most important requirements for Union’s new site was an integration with an API that could be use to search for vendors in a visitor’s area.

  • Custom API Integration

    Integrating this API was not standard practice when it came to Drupal, but our developers used Java Script to build a front-end feature that allowed the API to be used on the new site.

  • A Place for Resources

    Before their site rebuild, Union was pulling their industry information from competitors’ websites. We created a place for industry resources to live on their site, allowing them to position themselves as the thought leaders they are. 


Better lead generation and an updated design were other important goals for Union. The results are not just great visuals or better lead conversion, but a site with the resources to prove Union is an industry leader.

  • Easy To Customize

    Our front-end developers were able to redesign their site so that it prioritized forms and landing pages. Not only that, Union had a significant lead generation form that functioned as a sales qualifying tool. Our team was able to redesign this form so that it streamlined the lead conversion process, was cohesive with the new visuals of their site and did not sacrifice any functionality.

  • Diving into Content Marketing

    Union Leasing now has their own blog which features original posts on fleet management, driver safety, tips and advice, 4x4 truck rental and more. Visitors can rely on Union Leasing for up-to-date industry information and educational materials to better manage their fleets.

Union Leasing Blog Post

Finally, our design team worked with Union’s internal team to retool the visual and interaction design. We gave the site a fresh new look, made sure any third party Sasser Family Holdings, Inc. websites that linked to the new site were consistent with the visuals and made sure administrators would be able to edit the new visuals. Last but not least, we created a style guide for continuing brand consistency.

"The recommendations that you made turned a regular 'brochure' website into a fantastic tool for the business."

-Michelle H., Corporate Brand Manager, Sasser Family Holdings, Inc.

Before and After

Union Leasing Before
Union Leasing After