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Chicago-based Much Shelist is a full-service law firm of choice for businesses that demand high-value results. When Much Shelist came to Duo they had a fire drill of a project. Their existing site was expiring in 30 days and they needed to be moved to Drupal, fast. Beginning with the site move and adapting to the changing needs of the site, Duo was able to give them everything they needed. 

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Much Shelist wanted a full brand redesign to go along with their digital efforts. They initially hired a branding partner to do this work, but when that partner didn’t work out Duo was able to provide them with the brand refresh they wanted. 

  • Setting the Stage for the Future

    We not only rebranded the site, we also set the stage for all future branding endeavors by creating style guides and a branding guideline document for future reference.

  • Highlighting the Most Important Assets

    As a full service law firm, Much Shelist’s most important resource is its people. To better highlight their employees, Duo redesigned their lawyer profile pages.


With greater functionality in mind, we took the existing mobile platform, a four page site, and conducted a total redesign. 

  • Easy To Customize

    Their new mobile site comes with a complete style guide for future adaptations, is user friendly and fully functional.

  • Quick To Create

    We were able to do all of this while leveraging an existing Drupal back-end. This helped us keep the project on time and under budget while still meeting all of Much Shelist’s needs.

Much Shelist Mobile

Before and After

Much Shelist Before
Much Shelist After