Loyola Homepage 

Loyola University Health System is both a learning institution for health professionals and a working hospital. When Loyola needed to revamp their website they came to Duo to handle their site of over one million visitors per month. They knew they wanted a firm that specialized in Drupal development and had the technical capabilities to integrate with multiple data feeds and support their traffic of over one million site visits per month.

Loyola Medicine's site: 

  • Integrates multiple data feeds
  • Supports high volume traffic
  • Is built with searchabiliity in mind
Loyola Search


With a lot of important information stored on their old site, the first challenge was a full site migration. While maintaining their existing site our team worked to migrate Loyola’s existing content into their new site. 

  • Searchability in Mind

    In addition the new Loyola site was built with searchability in mind. The goal was to drive users to all nine key service lines and present doctors in a semi-random manner. The mega-menu dropdown makes finding the right information easy from the very first search.

  • Fast and Easy to Find

    The site is fully responsive and has quick-access links to make finding doctors and information faster.


Loyola is known for cardiology but the purpose of this site was to drive people who were researching any of their nine practice areas to make appointments. The old site serviced doctors and internal staff. Loyola’s new site is focused on the patient. It highlights why patients should come to Loyola, the services they offer, their specialities and more. Previously, it took some digging to even find what insurance was accepted. Now, that information is easy to find as well.

Loyola Medicine patients can now:

  • Learn where to have tests administered
  • Learn how to be screened for medical conditions
  • Easily find services Loyola Medicine offers
  • Easily find doctors and specialists
  • Easily find insurance information 
Loyola Services


Working with a nonprofit with a large board leads to an extended approval process. To facilitate this Duo created a single template that could unify content from all the different departments. 

  • Multiple Integrations

    There are multiple integrations that needed to be managed. We had to decide where the content was being pulled from and where it would be stored.

  • Improved User Experience

    The goal of this project is to create an improved user experience for www.loyolamedicine.org site visitors and administrators, while creating a solid foundation for enhancements including microsites (internal landing pages) for specific practice areas. This project included the first of these microsites for the Cancer Center, which will act as a blueprint for the other services sections.

Before and After

Loyola Before
Loyola After