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Founded in 1942, Littler Mendelson is an international law firm focused on employment and labor law. The firm employs more than 1000 attorneys in 60 locations that specialize in corporate compliance, labor, employment and benefits issues.

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Littler had set up a separate mobile app, but we felt they could get more exposure with a mobile-friendly responsive site rather than forcing people to download the app. 

  • Less Management Necessary

    Since the app was simply a copy of the content on their website, this meant the internal investment of managing the mobile app would no longer be necessary.

  • Simplifying Tasks Along the Way

    We also made administrative tasks simple. Custom tools allow Littler to create global microsites on the fly (instead of calling Duo). 


Duo completed a rebrand and redesign of their entire site. We restructured and simplified site navigation, and moved them from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

  • Power in the Hands of Marketers

    The new site put more power in the hands of the marketers so they can update content independently, freeing time for the IT team to focus on larger initiatives. Duo consolidated eleven blogs and moved them to Drupal and all publications and posts into one main content area. 

  • In the Words of Littler:

    “Understanding exactly what our audience visits our website for was how we identified the most useful element of the new site."

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Prior to partnering with Duo, Littler cycled through different vendors. The initial plan was to redo their site with SharePoint, but the estimated costs quoted by other vendors were astronomical. When Littler’s CIO recommended Drupal instead of SharePoint, Duo was called in to help. Working with Littler has been great and we hope to continue working together for many years.

“Working with Duo was great because they understood how important the launch deadline was and that we had no flexibility, they set realistic expectations: if something couldn't be done there was no lip-service.”



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