The personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins in Chicago have been reliable clients of Duo’s for more than 15 years. We’ve done a wide variety of work for their online presence during that time, but nothing as major as our latest project.

Lipkin & Higgins’ website was built on Drupal 6 roughly seven years ago, and it was time for a refresh. The firm emphasizes inbound marketing and puts a large emphasis on SEO, and the attorneys their wanted their website to more effectively engage potential clients.

In order to do that, our team migrated Lipkin & Higgins from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. We totally rebuild the firm’s website and migrated the content from the previous site.  



Lipkin & Higgins didn’t have a budget for wireframes or the Discovery process that helps us collaborate with clients to better understand desired content and requirements. Instead, they wanted to reserve their budget for the must-have add-ons to their site. Using a foundational theme allowed us to skip a lot of the custom development large organizations require and instead focus on elements like the translation modules that were must-haves for the site.

Highlights of the six-week project include:

  1. A structured site that is more conversion centric

    Calls to action (CTAs) for users to get in touch with the firm are omnipresent throughout the site. There are forms on every page for potential clients to provide their information and begin a conversation with Lipkin & Higgins.


  2. A site that is fully responsive

    The firm’s previous site was mobile friendly, but now the site is fully responsive. With the percentage of users who access online content via mobile, this is essential. We made sure all the forms on the website were mobile friendly. We also added smaller elements like “Click to dial” functionality that makes the user experience for mobile visitors substantially better than it was.


  3. A way to target content to a Spanish audience

    Lipkin & Higgins’ Spanish audience continues to grow. With that in mind, we structured the site and back-end content management system to operate essentially as a Spanish microsite. This allows them to be more specific with their Spanish content. It also makes it easy to add the Spanish versions of content, or translate existing English versions of the content.

    We also added a number of translation modules throughout the site. These changes make it possible to continue to expand their Spanish website a lot faster and more efficiently. The result is more of a fully-immersive Spanish site, as opposed to a site that has only occasional sections translated. This also helps from a Spanish SEO perspective.

  4. An updated homepage

    The homepage we built followed current best practices that state users statistically scroll through pages to find their content. With this in mind, we were able to avoid cramming all of the content “above the fold;” this also allowed us to add valuable white space and give the content more breathing room.


  5. A new color paletteLipkin_Home_Mobile.png

    We wanted to help Lipkin & Higgins elevate how their brand would be perceived online. We wanted to make sure the firm came off as trustworthy, so we implemented a more sophisticated color combination to add to the validity of the good work they do.

In order to make the project affordable for the firm, we used a Drupal foundational theme — what I call a Drupal installation — as a foundation to kickstart the build. This mitigated much of the development effort because the vast majority of the work for our developers was already done.

The firm has three attorneys, so the project budget was small. Thanks to Drupal’s flexibility, though, we were able to give them everything they wanted — and a little more — at a cost that was still reasonable for Lipkin & Higgins to handle. 

Building off of foundational themes is a great way for clients with tight budgets to jumpstart the process. That way, we are able to reduce some unnecessary development overhead for smaller organizations while still providing all the benefits that Drupal has to offer.