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JLL is a financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate services and investment management. JLL hired Duo, through a referral from a former client, to update and improve their members-only portal website.

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When a client comes to the project table with a request to improve performance, the quickest way to determine what is slowing it down in the first place, is to conduct a site audit. This is how our long-term relationship (three years in the making!) with JLL began.

  • Uncovering the Issues

    What we discovered during the Drupal Site Audit was that the current iteration of their website had been built on top of Drupal, rather than configured for it. This misuse, and misconstruction, of the platform resulted in page load times of up to 20 seconds.

  • Standardizing the Site

    Our Drupal developers dug in, retaining a majority of the existing site’s functionality, focusing on the development of content types and views. We redid all of the theming to standardize the site, to make branding consistent across the main page and the members-only portal.


Another must-have for the new iteration of the Drupal 6 site: implement a strong base for reporting and analytics.

  • Understanding User Behavior

    To gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, JLL required a more robust data platform. We built a foundation for JLL’s team to access the information and key insights.

  • User Testing New Features

    Before the official launch, the newly updated Jones Lang LaSalle site underwent testing. Based on the features integrated to enhance performance, the new website responds 100% quicker than the previous version.

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Before and After

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