Gottlieb Hospital Homepage 

When Loyola University Health System needed to revamp their website they came to Duo to handle their site of over one million visitors per month. After a full site migration and redesign, Loyola continued to work with Duo to create their new Gottlieb Hospital website.

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The design carried over to this site and the essential look and feel is the same as the main Loyola website.   

  • Finally, Completely Responsive

    This site, like Loyola’s main site, would be made completely responsive as well.

  • Organizing a Vast Database

    Importing individual doctor information had been a challenge throughout the projects because the doctor information was spread across multiple tables and was unorganized in an antiquated system. Duo helped migrate this information to a new database and get it all organized.


In addition to the doctor database, Loyola went through all the Gottlieb Hospital content and decided what they wanted to keep, what they’d be rewriting themselves, and what they could simply remove.

  • Speeding Up the Site

    The Gottlieb Hospital website used to be part of a much larger Drupal website that encompassed multiple Loyola microsites. This caused the websites to load slowly and made for a frustrating user experience. This new, standalone Gottlieb Hospital website was not only updated in design and responsiveness, it performed much better as well. The site is also easier to manage now and everything loads much more quickly. This is a huge time saver for the content managers of the site.

  • Improved SEO and Visibility

    Like the main Loyola website, The Gottlieb Hospital website has an updated doctor feed that is more organized which helps with SEO and improving visibility.


This project did have a few new challenges though. The previous site was on an internal network which meant Loyola was responsible for hosting the site. As part of their agreement, Loyola decided to have Duo host their site. We configured the database and set up all the necessary pieces to host and monitor all the pieces of their site.

We’re still very active in supporting Loyola. We talk almost daily and we’ve developed a great relationship with them. They’re a great client to work with. - Luke Zagata, Duo Drupal Developer