gottlieb fitness center homepage 

After working with Loyola University Health System on the Loyola Medicine website and the Gottlieb Hospital site they continued to rely on Duo to create their site for the Gottlieb Center for Fitness. 

Gottlieb Fitness Center Tablet View


Loyola knew they could count on Duo to carry the site through just as we had with the two previous sites.

  • Proper Websites with Proper SEO

    When Duo began working with Loyola we did not know about the Gottlieb hospital and fitness center websites. After launching a few mini websites, Loyola decided to continue working with Duo and opted for the full sites with proper SEO. 

  • A New Set of Challenges

    The data migration for this site was less extensive because it didn’t involve the doctor database or the complex search elements from the previous two sites. It was of course completely responsive as well. However, there were some new challenges with this site too.


We integrated the Gottlieb Center for Fitness website with a third-party calendar called Trumba to display classes and events. This was incredibly important for the fitness center so they could continue to use their existing calendar. 

  • How Will the Client Use the Site?

    At Duo we're always aware of how the client will end up using the site. We try to build with that in mind, especially when we're creating something that may be used on multiple pages.

Gottlieb Fitness Center Classes


We feel comfortable bringing suggestions for improvements to Loyola and talk with them often!

We look forward to working with them for years to come.