Freeborn Homepage

Freeborn, formerly Freeborn and Peters, a long-term partner of Duo’s, came to us in need of a progressive website to match their recent firm rebrand. Freeborn LLP is a law firm of over 200 professionals who assist clients in the practices of bankruptcy, corporate, government and environmental law. After a change in name, Freeborn approached Duo to build a site that mirrored their brand refresh. We assembled an all-star team of Drupal themers and developers to re-launch the Freeborn site on the Drupal 7 platform.

  • Custom mobile strategy
  • A streamlined content process
  • A style guide for future consistency
Freeborn Services


Mobility played a huge role in the project. We worked together to determine the hierarchy of content types and developed a strategy for how content would appear on a mobile device.

  • Custom Mobile Site

    Recognizing the needs of their users and the importance of accessibility, Freeborn wasn’t satisfied with just a mobile-friendly version of their desktop site. The result? A completely custom mobile site designed for the glance and touch.

  • A Truly Unique Look

    Our Drupal themers wanted both style and functionality so they created a custom navigational structure and an innovative horizontal layout, which improved navigation while giving the site its unique look. 


A site for former employees and industry news. Freeborn’s main goal in building their new community site was to cultivate a place where employees could reconnect with one another as well as alumni to share new and host discussions. Duo understood that a lawyer's time is money. We were able to to take Freeborn’s existing brand and create a focused, user centric and simplified community, while maintaining all of the desired functionality. 

  • A Streamlined Content Process

    Because the new community site was structured around news and content sharing we did everything possible to streamline that process. Content entered in the Freeborn main site is automatically pulled into the community site, making content sharing that much easier. And a new notification system updates users when something happens in a discussion they’re subscribed to.

  • Making Account Creation Simple

    We also successfully migrated all of their internal staff and lawyer profile information into the community. This made account creation as simple as sending an email receipt with a link and password to the new site.

Freeborn Community Profile

Another important function of the site was the ability to recommend and find future employees and potential clients. A new function allows members to provide notes and files when recommending a potential client or employee to another member. The site is also integrated with LinkedIn, allowing user to easily see potential clients’ or employees’ past experiences.

Finally, our design team gave the community site a new brand that seamlessly matches the client facing side of the Freeborn site. The goal was to give the site an approachable feel that Freeborn employees would feel comfortable using. Once the visuals were complete we designed a comprehensive web style guide for brand consistency in the future.