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For Chapman, Duo created a collaboration platform that integrated with their document management and permissioning system. With granular permissions and complex access restrictions for users, their intranet provides the right information to the right people at the right time.

Duo and Chapman worked together to create:

  • Document management
  • Granular permissions
  • A personalized experience
Chapman Staff Resources


To drive engagement Chapman asked Duo to create a platform where people could receive content tailored to their interests and likely more relevant to them.

  • Personalization is the Way to Go

    One option was to let people customize their own portals, however, Duo ultimately decided personalization was the way to go.

  • Content for Individuals

    Content was selected for individuals based on location, group membership and role. For example, information sensitive to partners is never displayed to associates to maintain confidentiality. Personnel information is shared with Drupal via LDAP, information is seamlessly passed between the two systems via SSO functionality that was built out by the Duo team.


When users are only seeing information that is relevant to them, they’re more likely to engage because the information matters. Having document management that’s accessible to everyone in the law firm isn’t good enough. It needs to be divided by who can and cannot review certain documents.  

  • Easy to Customize

    As an open-source platform, Drupal is especially well suited for this application because it is designed to connect with a myriad of platforms - not just those in our stack.

  • Teaching People to Help Themselves

    With a special focus on the UX, or user experience design, we are able to teach people and help themselves. If a marketer can do something complicated without an IT person it empowers them and they appreciate that. The Chapman IT team was very progressive for a law firm and has really embraced the new site.

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Now Chapman has a collaboration platform that is integrated with their document management system and has granular permissions.

This means it delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.