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BloombergCurrent, a community built by Bloomberg, is a social discussion platform for business, curated and managed by its users, dedicated to marketing-moving news from around the globe. Duo specializes in the creation of custom Drupal community sites, which is exactly what Bloomberg needed when it came time to build BloombergCurrent. Duo acted as Bloomberg’s strategic partner in the site construction, spending two years designing, theming, architecting and marketing the custom Drupal community.

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Our partnership with Bloomberg began in 2009 as we launched the original version of the site in Drupal 6. 

  • Adapt to Changing Social Needs

    Working with the natural progression of the project, we began phase 2, which was designed to improve upon the original platform and adapt to changing social media needs.

  • Moving to Drupal 7 and Creating a Community

    A dedicated front end themer and Drupal architect began with an import of the original site structure to Drupal 7 and spent 18 months working in tandem to create the completely custom community. 

  • Built Responsively and Using Organic Groups

    The updated version of BloombergCurrent was built responsively and showcased an updated redesign. Our developers created custom code on top of the Organic Groups module, mapping intricate relationships between user profiles, stream subscriptions and interactions with other users.


The community highlights one of Drupal’s greatest strengths as a CMS: the ability to integrate with third-party applications.

  • Integrations

    Our team integrated many applications to enhance the community’s overall performance, including MyDigiPass, Sociative, HubSpot, Trendspotter, New Relic, Mandril, Twitter and LinkedIn Social Sign-Ins.

  • Promoting the Community

    BloombergCurrent Beta launched in July 2013. After deployment, our team continued to add necessary functionality and we engaged in an inbound marketing agreement to promote the site through segmented email marketing campaigns, targeted social media management and lead generation.

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How do you capture the insights of global business leaders and their reactions to market-moving news and trends?

You build a community where these insights can live and thrive.