Duo and BDO partnered to build the BDO Seidman Alliance, a private internal network used to connect industry professionals looking to collaborate and share knowledge and expertise. BDO’s main goal was to bring their network into the 21st century. Their existing network of phone calls and email no longer satisfied the needs of the company.  

Duo worked to create the BDO Seidman Alliance:

  • An organized, easy to use network of independent firms
  • A network that encourages members to exchange information
  • A network for business referrals and sharing internal industry knowledge


BDO had attempted to organize the community online with SharePoint, but the site had to be managed by an IT professional, which proved to be expensive and inefficient.

  • Managed by Marketers

    We were able to build a site that BDO’s marketing team could manage directly. This simplified how administrators interacted with the back end, leading to fewer headaches and quicker fixes. With Drupal we were able to easily design the best platform to manage a large and continually growing network of content.

  • Detailed User Profiles

    Our team did more than create a document repository; we built a network focused on detailed user profiles. This encouraged engagement with the site, and it allowed members from across firms to communicate and share skills and knowledge even if they didn’t previously know each other.


Because BDO uses the online community primarily to track business referrals, the organization required integration with SugarCRM.

  • An Exchange of Information

    We performed a complex integration to move appropriate information back and forth with the third-party platform. 

  • Keeping Things Relevant

    After the site launched we drew up a support agreement with BDO. This agreement ensures that the site remains valuable to users by keeping it relevant and up-to-date. 


Duo was able to provide BDO with a solution that fit their needs while being efficient and inexpensive.