Accenture, global leader in consulting and technology services, was looking to create an efficient, easy-to-use collaboration platform using Drupal, for internal users and event attendees. They wanted to:

  • Encourage contribution and sharing of content across a variety of topics
  • Create a social place for Accenture employees and clients to interact
  • Have a place for Accenture employees and clients to share information in a knowledge sharing format
Accenture publish an article


With the potential to pull in educators, related professionals and events, the challenge was to create activities that would drive engagement and make the extranet easy to use.

  • The Challenge: A Seamless Switch 

    Attempting to replatform 20 publications across five verticals is not an easy task - and due to the complex requirements the switch needed to be made quickly and seamlessly so as not to affect advertising contracts already in place.

  • Getting the Job Done

    When their previous partner was unable to complete the task, Vance turned to Duo to get the job done.


Duo met both the short and long term goals for Vance as they were able to move off their proprietary platform on the planned date avoiding significant annual renewal fees.

  • Supporting Internally, with Duo Nearby

    With the new platform up and operating smoothly, Vance was able to transition their support to their internal team - keeping Duo in reserve should the need arise again.