Visual Design

The power of visual design cannot be understated. There are very few things on a digital platform that can turn users off more quickly than a bad visual design. You build trust in a brand based off how it looks — like it or not, when it comes to a website, we judge books by their cover.

At Duo visual design varies from client to client, but our standard is minimalist with impact. The last thing we want is for the design to get in the way of the story. We want a product we design to work harmoniously with the content — Visual design steers the ship of how a brand is presented to the world.

Users spend more time on your site when content is easy to read and digest, and they can get to what they're looking for efficiently. Our design team will craft a new visual design suited to your brand’s specific voice, tone and goals.


Brand Integration

Visual aesthetic can make or break a user's perception of your brand. Our design team will craft a new visual design suited to your brand’s specific voice, tone and goals.

Responsive Design

If you are not strategic about how your website appears on all devices, you will get left behind by the competition.

Quality Assurance

Our visual design and development teams make sure everything works the way it is supposed to work before final delivery.

Helping a Law Firm Find their Visual Voice

As a full service law firm, Much Shelist’s most important resource is its people. To better highlight their employees, Duo took a human-centric approach.

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