Our attitude at Duo is that content is key to a successful website. In every project we work on, we highlight our clients’ content through good user experience and on a flexible, free platform.

We begin our data-gathering with a Discovery process that allows us to work closely with your team to review desired content and requirements, budget and timeline, and set the criteria for a successful solution. We find it important to get together with your internal stakeholders to learn about their individual needs and examine their own experiences with the site. These conversations tend to provide us with more context, more anecdotes and more to work off of than a standard request for proposal (RFP).

Discovery is about 20% of the cost of the overall project. By the end of it we have detailed, annotated wireframes that represent your site’s overall ideal functionality.process swirl.jpg

Our spiral process allows us to quickly move from Discovery to Design, where we establish voice and tone, create a visual hierarchy and develop (or implement) brand guidelines. After quality assurance testing, Duo can launch your site in the cloud and work with you to monitor and improve the site’s overall look and functionality.

The data gathering doesn’t stop once the site is developed. Far from it. We believe a site is never truly done — there are always improvements to be made — and we view the launch as a starting point to set a baseline of metrics. There will be some level of iteration or improvement over time based on how the site is performing.


The reality for businesses today is that in order to grow, you really need more than just a website. Oftentimes, what you need is a content marketing platform that enables you to connect with prospects and move them through a defined path to conversion.

With the right content, you’re able to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful information that helps convert visitors to customers.
The Inbound Process Methodology
We are experts in leveraging marketing automation to deliver the right message to the right people so you create marketing that’s relevant, not disruptive. We develop websites that easily integrate with cloud-based, marketing automation services like Hubspot, Marketo or Pardot. We can also integrate Acquia Lift to unify customer data across sources to drive conversion on your Drupal site.

By monitoring specific, measurable goals and content marketing analytics, you will better understand your users and their goals while still moving them through your path to conversion.


Unlike Content Marketing platforms, which are used to broadcast a message, collaboration platforms are designed to gather user-generated content and drive engagement. Think of these platforms as an intranet, online community or social network. A successful online community breaks through the clutter, cuts down on noise and engages people on a personal level.

We build these platforms as a way to:

  • Drive user-generated content and create long-term value by letting users focus on a common goal or interest
  • Improve the way organizations acquire and manage knowledge with rich profiles, micro blogs, activity streams and discussion forums
  • Archive knowledge created by an organization, making it accessible by simple search
  • Collaborate with colleagues, replace organizational intranets and reduce the clutter of email inboxes

Contrary to online communities like Facebook, LinkedIn or Slack, these platforms allow you to own the real estate where conversations happen. You won’t be surprised by abrupt policy or design changes because the platform was built and customized specifically for your needs.


We also perform site audits that are specific to your organization’s needs. We use these audits to expose new opportunities for growth, and they enable you to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your site
  • Discuss options for enhancing, maintaining or rebuilding your site
  • Discover content marketing options for your website