The Duo discovery process allows us to work closely with your team to review the desired content and requirements, budget and timeline, and set the criteria for a successful solution. What we uncover during discovery helps guide the execution and maintenance of your new site. As visitors move through your site, calls-to-action will compel them to visit landing pages and download premium content like eBooks. This allows us to collect names earlier in the buying process and build trust over time. A whiteboarding session is great for discovering other content marketing options for your website and finding out if a Drupal or HubSpot site is right for you.


  • Review and interpret the specific project goals and requirements
  • Speak to internal stakeholders to learn about their individual needs
  • Interview core users to learn about their experiences using your site
  • Identify development/design constraints, confirm scope and requirements
  • Craft user experience based on best practices while facilitating requirements

Duo creates a first-class user experience for your users by learning from your customer service team, interviewing customers, analyzing website analytics and more. We use Drupal, Google, HubSpot and Cloud-based services for implementation and will further optimize your website’s performance over time. 

Content Marketing

At Duo, we believe content is key and create sites that attract and convert those who don’t otherwise know about you to your business. We’re committed to achieving results through marketing automation, landing page optimization, dynamic forms and reporting scorecards that measure our effectiveness.The Inbound Process Methodology

Collaboration Platforms

  • Improve the way organizations acquire and manage knowledge with rich profiles, micro blogs, activity streams and discussion forums.
  • A community for sharing content, where people with similar interests can come together and share ideas in an easily accessible way.
  • An enterprise tool for collaboration with colleagues, replacing organizational intranets and reducing the clutter of email inboxes.
  • A way to archive knowledge created by an organization, making it accessible by simple search.
  • A place to drive user-generated content, creating long-term value by letting users focus on a common goal or interest.
  • Collaboration platform technology is redefining how businesses use intranets, extranets and social media. A successful online community breaks through the clutter, cuts down on noise and engages people on a personal level.

Support Agreements

Even a perfect site is never truly finished. A great site demands ongoing engagement so we offer service agreements that guarantee the integrity of your site post launch. Focus on your day-to-day efforts, rather than becoming an expert in technology or design. When you sign a support agreement with Duo, you also benefit from working directly with our project manager to manage your ongoing updates and ensure you’re staying within budget. If you’re looking for more than just a one time build, Duo’s the company for you.

Site Audits

We can also perform audits specific to your needs for things like responsiveness or conversion optimization. A full site audit will reveal a lot about your site's technology and opportunities for growth.

 An audit is great way to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your site
  • Discuss options for enhancing, maintaining or rebuilding your site
  • Discover content marketing options for your website