Professional Services

No matter what service you provide, users come to your website with one question in mind: What can you do for me? Therefore, your site has one goal: You need to clearly state what you can do for them.

People do business with people they trust

Build your website so users trust you. Make sure you have professional pictures and bios, customer testimonials and thought leadership examples. Also, don’t be afraid to have your content be conversational. You are creating it for a person to read, after all.

Depth of Experience

Duo has helped more than 20 law firms use Drupal to create or redesign their websites. These sites are now more content-driven and more secure — two reasons why more firms are turning to Drupal.

Content-driven websites

We helped one client automatically pull relevant news articles directly into the site, making the site more robust and easier to manage.

Additional security features

Drupal is renowned for its security capabilities. At Duo, we make sure each site is set up to be both safe and secure.

Don't list services all your competitors have in common