Nonprofit organizations come in all shapes and sizes, but because of its flexibility, Drupal can be the answer for just about any nonprofit.

Providing value


When it comes to Drupal, there are no licensing costs. The system is free. Sure, you likely will need a Drupal developer to get your platform off the ground, but when it comes to purchasing the system itself, there is no cost. Competitor platforms, on the other hand, can require annual licensing fees of upwards of $50,000.

Nonprofits are often connected to other agencies or departments that requires frequent communications. Thanks to Drupal’s ability to seamlessly integrate with modules, external systems and applications, we can make that communication easier — and more productive.

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church creates a lot of content, from information on new ministries to articles spotlighting important topics to members. Each piece of content has unique needs. With Flex pages we are able to provide the church with a flexible architecture.

Drupal and Nonprofits

If we could only use one word to describe Drupal, that word would be “flexibility.” And when it comes to nonprofits that truly represent diverse missions and require different needs, flexibility is key.