A common belief I’ve heard from potential clients is that a website powered by Drupal can’t be visually appealing. 

Well, that is simply not true. An insurance agency we recently partnered with can prove it.

This agency is not like your typical insurance company. In fact, that’s exactly what they want you to think.
They don’t want their brand perception to be like everyone else in their industry. And they brought that attitude to their website.


When staff from the agency approached Duo, the website actually looked pretty nice.
The site was already built in Drupal, and they had already placed a significant emphasis on user experience and visuals.

But here was the problem.
The team of developers that set up the site were not Drupal-centric. They knew enough about Drupal to make the site look good. But from a back-end experience, it didn’t work. Managing content or creating new pages was a nightmare for the insurance company; every time they wanted to make an update, they had to go back to the developers to make the change.

That’s not how Drupal should work. That’s not how any site should work.

What the agency needed was a Drupal architect more than a developer who knew Drupal. We were happy to fill that need.

We were able to provide a number of improvements and modifications to the site, but more than anything else, we empowered the agency’s marketing and design team to maximize Drupal as a content management system (CMS). 
The biggest change we made to the back-end of the site was to build a flex page content type, which essentially means the marketing team is now able to piece together different component types on top of each other in whatever way they best see fit. Imagine the website is a stack of Legos — the agency can now decide what colored Legos to put on top of one another and stack them however they choose. 

Instead of colors, though, they can now choose from all types of content.

  • Videospet-2.jpg
  • Body copy
  • Images
  • Quotes
The list goes on and on. For us, it was really about structuring the right components and modules in order to give that flexibility to a creative director to make visually appealing pages, as opposed to constantly having to go to a developer for one-off projects. 

Here were a few other changes we made for the agency:

Video component on any page

When you first visit the agency’s website, you’re greeted by a calm, almost serene video (remember, I said they didn’t want to be like any other insurance company). The video was already great, but it wasn’t displaying well on certain sized screens. Sometimes the playback quality wasn’t great. There were just a variety of glitches. But the other problem was there wasn’t a way for the agency to showcase that type of display on any other page. So, we created a hero display component that now allows them to present video atop any page on their website.

Improved SEO

When the agency approached us, their website had certain pages built in multiple platforms. There were different looks and styles for different pages. For a company so focused on its brand image, it wasn’t a good look. Beyond that, it wasn’t good for search engine optimization (SEO) either. Bringing all the content into the same platform helped that.

Comparing agencies

The agency had a pdf on its website that compared their offerings and prices with other insurance agencies. It was informative, but from a user standpoint, it could be a lot more powerful.

So, we upgraded the information.

pet-cloud.jpgNow, if you visit the site, you can get dynamically created content that tells you how much you would pay based on your illness, your deductible and what insurance plan you chose. It’s really helpful. And it’s a great experience for users.

The issues the agency had are not uncommon. We’ve seen plenty of instances of developers not knowing how to best leverage Drupal and its capabilities. They know enough to use Drupal to build a site, but they don’t know it well enough to leverage its tools appropriately to make it more powerful — and more visually appealing.

We see the problem a lot, and we’re always ready to help find a solution.