If you are not strategic about how your website appears on mobile phones, you will get left behind by the competition. Having a mobile strategy is critical to the success of your business.

Why mobile matters

On average, Americans spend more than five hours a day on their smartphone. The reality is that mobile usage is more popular now than ever before. Because of that, businesses need to focus on what the mobile user experience is like on their website or digital platform.

A business that doesn't consider the mobile user is a business that very well might lose the mobile user.

Device Agnostic

Duo builds digital platforms that tell your story in an intuitive way for your users on any type of device.

Flexible Content

As we look at content, we look at how it will be accessed through different interfaces.

SEO Focused

We implement design best practices to drive search engine optimization (SEO) and performance.


Users who won't recommend a business with a bad mobile site


Average hours per day users spend on their smartphone per day


Mobile users who connect to the internet on their smartphone