We create digital platforms that bring clients and businesses closer together. These platforms excite, entice and educate users.

Our creations inspire action.

Our Duo team brings years of digital experience to every project we work on.

We’re confident in our abilities and feel we can confidently accomplish almost any project that comes our way. That being said, we do have our niches of expertise. These areas are our sweet spot. We feel we’re one of the best businesses in the web development industry when it comes to the areas listed below.

Driving our interests


We build nearly all of our websites on Drupal because of the open-source platform’s flexibility.


We work with our clients to make sure they have a strong mobile strategy for their website.


We help our clients understand how to ensure their site works for all users. 


We mesh clients' needs with their users' actions to build a platform that works for both.

Learn before making the big investment, deepen your team's expertise, and identify your digital strategies.

User Experience Workshops

Strategic UX Design Workshop: Half-Day, Full-Team

In a fraction of the time of a typical full-discovery engagement, Duo's team of design and strategy consultants provides an enterprise UX design workshop. The workshop marries design thinking to your professional expertise to uncover practical solutions to your highest-opportunity problems.

This half-day, full-team workshop convenes your cross-functional team of leaders and subject matter experts to identify all opportunities 

User Journey Mapping Exercise: End-User Experience Plan

In this exercise we simulate the completion of tasks and learn about your user. This approach gives us insight into where people face doubts or misunderstandings, and where they sense opportunity and excitement. We compliment simulation exercises with end-user interviews to deepen our understanding.

We provide our findings as a journey map highlighting the experience users have and how they interact with each part of your business. The map outlines opportunities to improve areas of pain or in need of improvement and also serves as a visualization tool for your next executive management, funding or future strategy meeting. 

Technical Reports

Understanding Infrastructure: Drupal Website Audit 

We review your existing code, run performance tests, review security, and look at ways your website can be better built and maintained. Our investigation culminates in an executive summary and an in-depth consultative review meeting in which we ensure you fully understand how to use our analysis to make informed decisions.

Performed by a team of Duo technology and strategy consultants under the leadership of an Acquia Certified Grand Master with the support of a development team with 20 years of experience. 

Accessibility Compliance Review: Usability Evaluation

Periodic UX assessments help to reduce risk and ensure your site or application is intuitive and effective. We rate how well your application adheres to best practices and UX principles to make the findings actionable. Themes typically involve usability heuristics developed by global industry leader Nielsen Norman Group, consistency and standards, error prevention, user control, and user freedom. 

You will receive a priority rated and actionable report that recommends solutions for improving user experience while highlighting industry best practices around heuristics, accessibility, & WCAG compliance. 

From the blog

This is some big stuff that has the potential to really improve the development, administration and operation of Drupal websites.

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