When we began working with Arsenal Capital Partners (ACP) — a private equity firm based out of New York — we quickly discovered that the company’s website had been an afterthought for a long time. Fortunately, ACP realized it was time to make the site a top priority.

The ACP team was looking for a site that was more engaging to users while at the same time being easier to maintain. They also wanted the site to be on a platform that would give them the chance to evolve and potentially incorporate their investor portal.

Here was the catch, though. They weren’t looking to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a fully customized site.

Arsenal approached Duo, and we were able to give them the site they wanted at a fraction of the cost it would usually take to build a site from scratch.arsenal-capital-partners.jpg

In order to reduce the cost, we used an in-house foundational theme that was built using Drupal 8 best practices and the latest security updates. This approach allowed us to skip wireframes, prototypes and the initial design process, and instead focus all of our attention on customizing the theme so that it solved Arsenal’s needs. It also gave us the chance to wrap up the project in a relatively short amount of time — less than eight weeks from start to finish.

The pre-existing ACP website was pretty flat, and the marketing team could only make basic content updates. Now, though, the site has a host of functionalities that make the site more dynamic while also being easy to manage. Drupal 8’s flexpage components make it so simple to manipulate the look of a page that an administrator with no web coding knowledge is able to have pretty granular control over the page’s design and appearance. Among other things, this allows ACP to create visually-engaging marketing landing pages without needing to go back to a development team.

News items can now be categorized and are searchable, which allowed us to set up the ACP website to have content that is cross-pollinated from page to page. What that means is an article about an investment in a healthcare company can appear on the news page as well as the ACP healthcare page, making the website more robust.

jeffrey-kovach.jpgEmployees and portfolios can also now be added with ease, which is a big timesaver for the marketing team.

If we were building a new website from scratch, we’d need to develop designs and layouts for every single page on the site. By using the foundational theme mentioned above, we already had a basic structure to work with.

Starting from this point allowed us to take Arsenal’s existing content and create a digital mood board that influenced the style and design of the new website. This allowed us to spend our time determining more specific things like what a partner preview page should look like, or how body heading styles should appear.

We mentioned at the outset that ACP wanted to potentially incorporate their portal with their website. Because the website is on Drupal, we could easily not only incorporate the portal, but we could fully revamp it and make it even better, all within Drupal.

If ACP wanted to integrate the website with its Human Resources system — as a way to more efficiently update team member information — we could easily do that as well because the site is on Drupal.

Simply put, Drupal was the right platform for ACP to be on. They were able to get the ease and flexibility they wanted, and thanks to our foundational theme, they were able to get it at a cost they could manage.

That’s the power of Drupal. And that’s the power of Duo.