Visual design is layered into your website after user experience design, creating custom interfaces suited to your brand’s specific voice, style and goals. At Duo, we create contemporary designs that incorporate industry best practices without depending on the latest fads.

Design Process

Our process combines innovation with efficiency to build the right solutions for our clients. We take complex problems and break them down through our discovery, user experience and visual design process and work with our clients to optimize their website to create the most effective platform possible.

After we have a thorough understanding of your company, we establish a strategy that converts website visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into brand loyalists. We’ll present our best ideas and together, we’ll choose what best serves your goals.

Design For Higher Education

In this new age of content, context and customer interaction, you need more than just a website. With a new digital marketing platform built in Drupal 8, you will connect with prospective and current students, alumni, and others, moving them through defined paths to conversion. You’ll find out what content is working and what isn’t by monitoring specific, measurable goals.

Together we’ll create a website that attracts, converts, and delights your visitors.

User experience speaks the language of the user; we bring a human element to the website development process. The UX team at Duo excels at combining the ideas and goals of project stakeholders with technological constraints and web best practices in order to develop the best experience to satisfy the business goals and user needs. 

Our UX process doesn’t stop when your new site goes live. We work with our visual design and development teams to perform QA and user testing to ensure the site functions as planned. By closely monitoring your site analytics and performance we can make continuous improvements, provide actionable feedback based on real user data and drive positive change.

Selling The Invisible

Duo designs websites optimized for conversion. Our design team creates visually appealing calls-to-action and aligns page content with your user's stage in the buying process. This way visitors get the content they expect, when they need it, where they need it.

This approach works particularly well for professional services firms.  Based on Duo's long-term experience with law firms we created DuoLaw, a fully-customized law firm site that saves money and time (for firms with more than 30 attorneys).

Marketing Automation

We help our clients create websites that easily integrate with marketing automation platforms, like HubSpot, Marketo or Pardot. We can also integrate Acquia Lift to unify customer data across channels and sources to drive conversion on your Drupal site. With the right content, you’re able to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful information that helps convert visitors to customers.

Marketing automation allows you to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows to increase efficiency and generate high quality leads. At Duo we are experts in leveraging marketing automation to deliver the right message to the right people to create marketing that’s relevant, not disruptive.