User experience design is a crucial part of our approach to design. When we design a product, we don’t just worry about how it looks.

We worry about how it works.

User Experience and Interface Design

Duo's UX/UI practice is a little different than what you'll find. Nielsen-trained and certified to the highest standards of usability and customer experience. It's not just about creating an intuitive interface. That's critical, but we go beyond that threshold by factoring in:

  1. content strategy
  2. enterprise cms, namely Drupal
  3. cloud infrastructure

Think tens of thousands of web content items, and many types of content, both internal and public facing. We treat the user and experience and interface as being unlimited by scale or by application architecture.

Interface design should be a methodology for creating design systems. Design is not a linear process, but rather a mental model to help us think of our user interfaces as both a cohesive whole and a collection of parts at the same time.

Atomic Design Principles


How we think about design

User Experience

We take mental connections that users make and apply them to the content of a site.

Visual Design

We create designs that work with your content and never get in the way of the story.

Content Strategy

We rely on analytics and design to deliver content that guides users to take action.


We customize every platform to make sure it fits the individual needs of our clients.

Our visual branding, UX and content strategist partner with you to create beautiful, elegant, and engaging user interfaces 

While UX design and content strategy are powerful levers for creating a business advantage, Duo also recognizes the importance of forging strong brand identities for organizations and for their key products, programs, and services.

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This is some big stuff that has the potential to really improve the development, administration and operation of Drupal websites.

Duo has been named in the Clutch 1000, a list where Clutch recognizes companies as the top 1,000 B2B service providers worldwide!

For many businesses, eCommerce is an increasingly important trend. With the potential for frictionless and simple exchanges, doing business ...