We create modern, responsive websites that feature beautiful visual and user experiences online.

Our spiral development process combines innovation with efficiency to build the right solutions for your organization. We take complex problems and work with you to optimize your website and create the most effective platform possible.

Many businesses organize their website the way the organization is structured, because that is what makes sense to the internal community. That is a mistake. Your website is for your user, and users don’t care about organizational structure; they care about finding what they need to find.

User experience (UX) speaks the language of the user; it brings a human element to the web development process. Duo’s UX team excels at combining the ideas and goals of project stakeholders with technological constraints and web best practices to develop an experience that satisfies the business goals and user needs. The result is a wireframe that showcases the proposed structure of the site.

Web accessibility is always a top concern for us at Duo, and we help educate our clients on how to improve their site’s UX for individuals with disabilities. There are tools now available in Drupal 8 that automatically improve a site’s accessibility, but there also are standard best practices that we seek to follow on every project of ours. 

Once a wireframe is created and approved, we begin the process of giving the site a visual personality. The visual design is layered into your website to create custom interfaces suited to your brand’s specific voice, style and goals.

We create contemporary designs that incorporate web development best practices and design best practices without depending on the latest fads.

We also are able to work with other agencies or implement existing brand standards. 

When it comes to Content Marketing platforms, we design websites that are optimized for conversion. What do you want your user to accomplish when they visit your site? Whatever your answer is, that’s what we center our design around.

Our design team creates visually appealing calls-to-action and aligns page content with your user's stage in the conversion process. This way your user seamlessly gets what they want, and in doing so, gets you exactly what you want.