Large Law Firm

Duo built a new website for a large firm (600 attorneys) that serves the high technology industry and recently went through an internal reorganization.

The Challenge

The law firm wanted a completely rebranded site built with Drupal 8. They were looking for new functionalities, a modern look, and easier usability on both the front end and back end of the site.

Our Approach

Proposal and profile generator

Internal administrators are able to use website content to generate a branded, formatted Microsoft Word document for proposals.

HR integration

The website is now integrated with the HR system, so anytime an update is made to a person's HR file, it is reflected in their online bio.

News feeds

We enabled the site to automatically pull relevant news articles directly into the site, saving time that was previously spent doing this manually.

Custom landing pages

Drupal’s Paragraphs module is great for building custom landing pages and microsites, and we made sure to give the firm this option.


Not only were we able to provide what the firm wanted, but we also leveraged Drupal’s flexibility to improve workflow and save the firm time and money. Some of the changes were easy and intuitive, while others were more complex and required a deep understanding of Drupal integrations.

This project took a lot of time and energy from colleagues across the Duo team, but we’re excited about the firm's new website. We hope they are too.