Verizon, known most for its mobile phone service, delivers the promise of the digital world by enhancing the ability of humans, businesses and society to do more new and do more good


The Challenge

Verizon approached Duo to do a website redesign of the company's corporate website. The company wanted to easily integrate video into its website while giving content editors more control over the site. Verizon also wanted to improve its careers section of the site. Additionally, Verizon was also looking for a clean design with an improved front-end user experience.

Our Approach


To help improve the careers section for Verizon, we made sure Verizon could recognize where users were accessing the site so specific jobs could be pushed out based on location.

Flex Pages

Flex pages gave Verizon's site editors more options on how to present content. For example, a news page can be more than just a photo and headline, or a careers page can be more than a dry list of openings. Flex pages gave Verizon flexibility and an improved user experience. 


Sometimes user experience can be improved just by the titles or word choices used on a site. When it came to accessibility, we helped Verizon focus not on disabilities, but instead on the type of support people need, like "Auditory Support" or "Visual Assistance".

Mulitple screens


Duo used the power and flexibility of Drupal 8 to give Verizon what it was looking for in its new corporate website. There are technical features that improved the site and give it far more functionality, but one of the biggest areas of focus was helping Verizon speak to its customers, and not at them.

For example, a visit to the corporate site leads to a pop-up screen that asks:

Why are you visiting today?
The window then lists a variety of options, including:

  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Partner
  • Shareholder
  • Jobseeker
  • Journalist
  • Regulator
  • Other

From all of us at Duo, it was our pleasure working with Verizon, and we look forward to partnering with them on another project soon.