Lipkin & Higgins

The personal injury attorneys at Lipkin & Higgins in Chicago have been reliable clients of Duo’s for more than 15 years.

The challenge

The firm puts a large emphasis on inbound marketing and SEO, and their attorneys wanted the website to more effectively attract and engage potential clients. That being said, Lipkin & Higgins didn’t have a budget for wireframes or Discovery for a new site.

Our solution

Using a starter pack allowed us to skip a lot of the custom development large organizations require and instead focus on elements that were must-haves for the site, including having it be:


Calls to action (CTAs) for users to get in touch with the firm are omnipresent throughout the site.

Fully responsive

With the percentage of users who access online content via mobile, this is essential.

Spanish Language

The back-end content management system is structured to operate as a Spanish microsite.

Updated homepage

The homepage followed current best practices based on users scrolling for content.


The project budget was small, but thanks to Drupal’s flexibility, we were able to give them everything they wanted — and a little more — at a cost that was still reasonable for Lipkin & Higgins to handle. Building off of starter packs is a great way for clients with tight budgets to jumpstart the process. That way, we are able to reduce some unnecessary development overhead for smaller organizations while still providing all the benefits that Drupal has to offer.