Legacy is the world leader in online obituaries, counting some 40 million unique visitors each month and partnerships with over 1,500 newspapers and 3,500 funeral homes worldwide.

The Challenge

With its deep repositories of content and large user base, Legacy needed a powerful site to manage all of its assets. Enter Duo, who proposed a move to Drupal 8. Ultimately, the goal for Legacy was to implement a design refresh and make content easier to manage.

Our Approach

For managing Legacy’s content needs, a move to Drupal 8 was an obvious choice. The latest version of the Drupal platform, D8’s flexibility and power allow it to handle enterprise-level sites while remaining totally customizable. Our plan for Legacy included the following features made possible by a D8 upgrade.

Improved Code Base

Because the unified architecture afforded by D8 enabled a more streamlined structure, the code base for Legacy's site would've benefitted greatly. 

Flexible Theming

Having created their own design for a graphic refresh, Legacy needed a CMS that would accommodate their existing assets. The Duo team was able to create a custom theme from scratch that utilized Legacy's new design without compromising efficiency or ease of use.

Streamlining Architecture

Legacy’s site was decoupled, utilizing a Drupal 7 backend and a react-powered front end. This caused issues such as long cache-clearing times, so our aim was to unify the architecture and run everything through Drupal. This would've improved site longevity and created a more modern digital experience.

The Power of D8

The current version of Drupal boasts infinite customizability, enterprise-level scale and robust security. Curious about the what the platform could do for your website? Read our blog to see if Drupal 8 is right for you.


While Legacy ultimately decided to take another approach, Duo stands by the merits of a Drupal 8 build. The capabilities of the platform enable it to manage complex collections of data while providing an intuitive interface for content editors. Through the work we completed with Legacy, we've gained valuable insights that we can apply toward future projects involving decoupled solutions and custom theming.