The team at Freeborn has depended on Duo for a decade to support their web strategy and applications. With the move to Drupal 8, Freeborn was looking to build a more engaging experience, especially on mobile devices.


The Case for a Refresh

With 130 attorneys in five offices, Freeborn had grown exponentially since we built their Drupal 7 site, and a design refresh made a lot of sense with the migration to Drupal 8. For best results, the discovery process included stakeholder interviews, analytics review, and content inventory to verify user targets and outline goals and objectives for the new site.

Freeborn is a full-service firm with eight practice groups and five industry teams, and we wanted to highlight not only the attorneys and areas of focus but also the valuable content generated by Freeborn in multiple formats. At the end of this phase, Duo created interactive wireframes to demonstrate and verify recommendations before moving forward.

Streamlining Content Types

A key migration challenge was to combine a variety of related content types from the legacy Drupal 7 site into just one for the new site, creating a streamlined experience for site administrators. This required a complete taxonomy restructuring and mapping content from five content types into one. The new content model made it easier to add new content to the site and display that content in more places and with intuitive management on the back-end. 

Content Migration

Multiple migrations were required to convert the 5 legacy content types to one, building new taxonomy relationships to organize content around attorneys, practices, and areas of focus.

Flex Pages

Flex pages are pages that are built out of flexible components, and they make it possible for site owners to build and design dynamic, engaging pages that fit their respective needs. 

Attorney Profiles

The refreshed attorney bios featured both black & white and color photography and a new tab-based organization for their detailed content. We also enhanced search functionality with autocomplete, and auto-correct for common misspellings.


The Drupal 7 site was responsive, but so much has changed. So mobile UX was a major focus at every point in the project. Ensuring users can find people, easily navigate the site and get valuable perspectives.


Bold Design 

With the new site, we introduced a bold new design with an increased focus on Freeborn’s point of view with enhanced presentation of graphics, video, and events. The goal was to better engage visitors with the rich content Freeborn was creating.

Enhanced Content Relationships

With the focus on content, improved content administration was key. We used relationships to automatically display news on relevant attorney bios and practice pages. We also created relationships between areas of focus and the content, and implemented entity queue giving administrators the ability to promote specific articles to the home page and the Perspectives section, adding swipe-able carousels when viewed from a mobile device. 

One of the key improvements was the inclusion of representative matters with the granular control needed when displaying this content. Other benefits of upgrading to Drupal 8 include mobile-first design, performance, extensibility and the ability to upgrade to Drupal 9 without another rebuild.