Figo Pet Insurance

Figo is the first cloud-based pet insurance. With their Pet Cloud and mobile app, managing your pet's life has never been so easy.

The Challenge

Figo does not want to be seen as your typical insurance company, and they brought that attitude to their website. When staff from the agency approached Duo, the website actually looked pretty nice. The site was already built in Drupal, and they had already placed a significant emphasis on user experience and visuals.

But here was the problem.

The team of developers that set up the site were not Drupal-centric. They knew enough about Drupal to make the site look good. But from a back-end experience, it didn’t work. Managing content or creating new pages was a nightmare for the insurance company; every time they wanted to make an update, they had to go back to the developers to make the change.

That’s not how Drupal should work. That’s not how any site should work.

Our Approach

Flex pages

Imagine the website is a stack of Legos — Figo can now decide what colored Legos to put on top of one another and stack them however they choose. Instead of colors, Figo can choose from all types of content.

Video component

The original website had a nice video on the homepage, but there were a number of glitches with it. We created a hero display component that allows them to present video that works atop any page on their website.


We were able to provide a number of improvements and modifications to the site, but more than anything else, we empowered Figo's marketing and design team to maximize Drupal as a content management system (CMS).

The issues Figo had are not uncommon. We’ve seen plenty of instances of developers not knowing how to best leverage Drupal and its capabilities. They know enough to use Drupal to build a site, but they don’t know it well enough to leverage its tools appropriately to make it more powerful — and more visually appealing.

We see the problem a lot, and we’re always ready to help find a solution.