Figo Pet Insurance

Figo is a national pet insurance company that brings a new, innovative approach to covering pets from the unexpected. Figo is committed to helping pets and their families enjoy their lives together — giving them insurance when they need it and technology along the way.


The Challenge

Figo was in need of a homepage redesign. The existing site was clean and visually appealing, but at its core, Figo is all about making life easier for site users and their pets. Figo needed the homepage to better reflect that.

In addition, one of Figo's differentiators is its Pet Cloud app. Pet Cloud allows members to have their pet's life in the palm of their hand. From filing paperless claims to chatting with doctors to finding the nearest dog park, Figo's app is a game-changer for pet owners. Previously the app was only available to clients, but Figo was planning on opening Pet Cloud up to everyone. With that in mind, they wanted a homepage that could better highlight the app and what it can do.

Our Approach

Focus on mobile

The reality is Figo's audience lives on their phones. Combine that with the all-in-one structure of the Pet Cloud app, and it made sense for us to build the homepage with mobile top of mind. One way we did that was by ensuring Figo's collection of beautiful, high-resolution videos played well on mobile. Additionally, everything that previously wasn't responsive now is.

Stay on brand

Figo's target audience is urban pet parents. These men and women are incredibly passionate about their pets, and so we wanted to demonstrate that Figo gets that. The website does not scream, "Hey, we're an insurance site." Instead, it focuses on people, their pets and the bond between them.

Showcase Pet Cloud

We wanted to show the Pet Cloud experience, and we think we found a great way to do that by capturing video of different Pet Cloud uses and displaying them on a mobile phone within the site. It's clean and it shows what Pet Cloud does. This will be a great component once Pet Cloud is opened to everyone.

Strengthen SEO

One way we helped Figo improve its SEO was incorporating the company's blog into the homepage. Now, whenever a new post appears on the blog, it also appears on the homepage.


Figo wanted a homepage that was more brand centric and highlights the innovative Pet Cloud app. We feel they got that and more. Not only did we give them a page that demonstrates the company's unique perspective, but we also added a number of user experience (UX) improvements. For example, we built the site so that the Figo single quote form was omnipresent. That, in our opinion, is a big win.

We also built the site with Drupal in a way that allows the Figo team to edit any content on the page. That gives them incredible flexibility moving forward if/when they decide to make tweaks to the page.

We've loved working with Figo because the company is all about innovation. It feels like their always on the cutting edge, whether it's how they approach pet insurance or how they want to create a unique experience with their website. A client like that is an incredible partner to have.