Episcopal News Service

ENS is the official online news source of the Episcopal Church and features written and multimedia content about the church’s mission and ministry.

The Challenge

Here at Duo, our primary focus is on building digital platforms using Drupal, but that’s not the only platform we can use. Recently we partnered with the Episcopal News Service (ENS) to rebuild their online presence using WordPress.

ENS came to us for help with a migration. The site was already on WordPress and was a part of the Episcopal Digital Network, but ENS wanted to move to its own network and still be able to remain on WordPress.

Our Approach

Quick Turnaround

We turned this request around quickly with a small team of one designer, one developer and one UX architect.

Structured taxonomies

On the back end, we helped ENS use taxonomies to structure their content in a more efficient and effective way.

Valuable templates

With the content structure in place, we created a collection of template pages to recreate throughout the site.

Integrated content

We set up the structure for the website so that ENS content could be integrated within the Episcopal Church’s site.


We’ve talked with a number of clients over the years who say they are interested in having a Drupal website, but in the initial scoping of the project, it seems that Drupal really isn’t necessary for them. Drupal is great for a lot of things, but it is not always the best solution for an organization that just needs a relatively simple site. For that, WordPress is a good option, and that was the case here with ENS.