The Episcopal Church

Duo has been fortunate to work with the Episcopal Church for several years. Since the site’s launch, we’ve done a variety of updates to the site, but nothing comprehensive.

The Challenge

A conversation with church leadership made it clear that the church was looking for a major overhaul and redesign — they just didn't know it at the time. Specifically, we were going to help the church rework four key aspects of the site:

  • Highlight the church’s unique values
  • Provide added flexibility
  • Create excitement with an active voice
  • Update the website’s visual style

Our Approach

Highlight the church’s unique values

We wanted to showcase a collection of value streams under the title “Life and the Work of the Church.” Each page highlights a different value important to the church.

Provide added flexibility

The Church creates a lot of content for its website, so we developed a library of “flex pages” for admins to use as templates for various types of content.

Create excitement with an active voice

We suggested to switch the tone of the website to a more active voice; that subtle switch quickly made the site’s content that much more engaging.

Update the website’s visual style

With every element of the website that we touched, we made sure to include new visual elements that aligned with the Church’s style and were more engaging.

Speaking to multiple audiences

The new pages under "Life and the Work of the Church" explains the Church's viewpoint. We wanted these pages to be informative for each audience, and in the process, they turned into an engagement funnel that transitions from more informative information to content that provides key resources.

A user who is new to the church

A member of the church who is returning to the website

A high-level church participant or clergy member


We are incredibly happy with how the site turned out, and we’ve heard from the Church’s representatives that the website surpassed all of their expectations. That’s the type of response we like to hear. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the church moving forward.