Chicago Botanic Garden


Simply stated, the Chicago Botanic Garden is one of the world's great living museums and conservation science centers.

The Challenge

The Chicago Botanic Garden has 50,000 members — the largest membership of any U.S. botanic garden — and more than 1 million guests visit annually, making it the second most-visited garden of its size in the United States. With so many people entering each day, ticketing for the Garden is complex.

The Garden came to us with two problems. First, there were major performance issues with their ecommerce component, which was set up initially by a different Drupal developer.

Additionally, there was no way for the Garden to integrate data from its ecommerce/ticketing site with its website. They wanted that integration capability so that they could know more about their visitors — and at the same time provide a more customized website experience.

Our Approach

The Garden came to us to rescue their project because they weren't satisfied with the first developer they hired. Their biggest concern was there was no communication between the Garden and the developer, so we made sure they felt involved with the process from the start. We pride ourselves on the white-glove treatment we give our clients, and we made sure the Garden experienced that throughout the project.


There were two major aspects of this rescue project. The first problem was there were major performance issues with the new ecommerce component. Once we tackled that issue, we moved on to the second part of the project: integrate the ecommerce platform with the Garden’s website, which is built on Drupal.

By helping the Garden integrate the ecommerce platform with the website — as well as a data lake — we gave the Garden countless new opportunities to connect with — and learn about — their customers. At the same time, we delivered an improved user experience for Garden website visitors, who no longer have to be sent to an external platform to purchase tickets. Now, everything happens within the same system, making for a more unified experience.