Cappex is a website that allows users to search for college scholarships connected to universities across the country. The site features up-to-date school profiles, a multi-billion dollar scholarship database, advanced matching algorithms and direct connections with colleges.

The Challenge

When Cappex approached us, it quickly became clear that managing content as it was originally set up was a mess. First of all, the company had two sites — the marketing website and the actual product that is hidden behind a login page — and the two did not communicate well with one another. Data had to be edited multiple times to accurately present the content on both sites, and with profiles of more than 3,000 colleges and more than $11 billion in available scholarships, keeping information current was a nightmare.

The Cappex marketing team wanted to have better control of the marketing website and be able to customize it without needing to rely on its IT team.

Our Approach


Cappex was not on Drupal, so we migrated the marketing site to Drupal 8. Doing so gives Cappex the ability to have its two sites seamlessly work with another, as well as the opportunity to easily integrate the marketing site with multiple APIs.

Flex Pages

Flex pages make it possible for content managers to design beautiful web pages with no coding necessary. This gives the marketing team the opportunity to build customized landing pages that can be targeted for specific users and help with SEO.

Instant Search

We helped make the marketing site more expansive by using an API to pull specific content from the product site directly into the marketing site. The content appears immediately, is visually appealing and is accessible to all users.


In 2018, all websites should be responsive, particularly ones that are targeted to a demographic that mostly lives on cell phones. Drupal 8 is responsive out of the box, so transferring the site to D8 also provides the responsiveness Cappex needed.


The Cappex marketing team wanted flexibility in its website and a site that they could manage and customize without relying on the IT team. The new Cappex site is just that. The site is synced to the product site, meaning a change made on one site is automatically updated on the other site. If a school's profile is updated in the product site or a scholarship expires, that information will be reflected on the marketing site.

The new Cappex site provides the marketing team the flexibility to create new landing pages. Google ads are fully integrated to almost every page to assist with SEO.



Plus, moving the site to Drupal, gave the Cappex team a chance to consolidate its data. Moving forward, Cappex has a lot of opportunities to to present its content in new and dynamic ways now that they have a foundation in place.