Burnham Permit Mapper

PermitMapper is an application that allows users to get permit and construction details in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, while driving traffic to Burnham Nationwide.

The Challenge

Customized integrations

The PermitMapper integrates three government permit databases. This data was previously available but had been difficult to sort through.

Lead generation

Users give their name and email to access the PermitMapper. It also integrates with the Burnham HubSpot site to track on-site actions.

Mobile first design

Because the PermitMapper is meant to be used on-site in many situations, this meant the site needed to be designed with mobile in mind. 

Our Approach

Building the PermitMapper required significant geocoding work. The data used was presented inconsistently, so the Duo team built an interface that made the information easy to consume. PermitMapper now also features:

A heat map to display construction happenings in a specific area

Geo-tagging your location to find details around you

Easy filter search options including by borough, issue date and permit type

On-site information and contact details

  • Our goal is to make the permit and construction process seamless and to simplify it on all levels.
    Carson Kyhl, President of Burnham Nationwide