Why Drupal Works Best for Tech Firms

Innovative is not usually a word that comes to mind when you think of pet insurance, but that's exactly the word I use to describe Figo, a pet insurance company that approached us a few months back. Figo promotes itself as the first cloud-based pet insurance company - it's Pet Cloud and mobile app make managing your pet's life easier than ever before.
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Like their approach to insurance, Figo's website is also fairly unique compared with its competitors. The site delivers a truly enjoyable user experience. It's warm. It's inviting. It's a nice site.

When Figo approached us, the site already looked pretty good; the problem was it didn't work like it should. The site was built with Drupal, but the back end was not organized well, and different components kept malfunctioning. 

What makes Drupal such a powerful content management system for technology companies like Figo is its ability to integrate with hundreds of modules that elevate the overall capabilities of the site. That's why Figo came to us. 

  1. They wanted their website to properly serve as a hub for their various integrations.
  2. They wanted the website to integrate with their insurance quoting system.
  3. They wanted the website to connect with Salesforce. 

These wants are not uncommon when it comes to tech companies; in fact, tech companies often require complex integrations with their website. That's why so many tech companies use Drupal. 

Here at Duo, our expert team of architects work with our clients to review their needs and then develop solutions to best incorporate those needs into a single system. For example, with Figo, they didn't need us to build the company's app; instead, they needed help pulling the data from the app into their customer relationship management tool. Another client - Legacy.com - came to us looking for help integrating with newspaper obituaries across the country, as well as flower shops and funeral homes. 

Our goal - and this can really be thought of more from a marketing perspective - is to focus on how we can integrate different technologies to help improve or promote our clients' technologies.

Several clients looking for a brand new digital platform have asked us why Drupal is a better option than WordPress, and we always say that the answer is simple. WordPress is great for many things, but it is not built to handle complex integrations. WordPress is much more of a flat marketing tool for content management rather than a hub for integrations.

Drupal was built for integrations, and the library of modules available is massive. Just as importantly, if a module doesn't currently exist, there is a worldwide network of Drupal developers who can help find a way to make the module a reality.

This global community is also what makes it possible for Drupal customizations and updates to happen far more frequently than on WordPress. The community is constantly updating modules as the need arises. With a proprietary system, though, you may be stuck waiting for weeks or months before the proper plugin is updated.

The needs of tech companies are constantly evolving, and at Duo, we're staying on top of those needs. We're confident our developers can architect a custom solution for whatever a client's needs are - no matter the complexity.

Does your company need help integrating its website with other apps or programs? If so, give us a call. We'd love to help solve your tech needs.


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