Transforming Legal Websites with Drupal

Think about these four words for a minute:


  • Transformation.
  • Growth.
  • Innovation.
  • Opportunity.

What do those words mean to you? To me, they represent the infinite possibilities that come with a well-designed website. If a site or digital platform is built to match the needs of its company, the result can be transformational. It can lead to a growth in a customer base or overall growth in an organization. It can be innovative in how it presents content. And the opportunities, well, they are limitless.


drupal for law firms
Photo by Patrick Fore

Those four words are also the basis behind the 2018 Legal Marketing Technology Conference Midwest. The conference, which Duo is proud to be a sponsor of, will be held Oct. 2 and 3 at Chicago’s award-winning tech incubator space, 1871.

This year’s conference revolves around the idea of “Technology in Action,” and it provides a variety of unique opportunities for participants, including:

  • Discussions on the innovations taking place within legal services
  • Conversations with innovative industry thinkers who represent firms of all sizes
  • Networking opportunities with peers from across the country

Duo has partnered with law firms of all sizes over the years to help them re-imagine their digital presence. In fact, we were recently honored with a WebAward for Best Legal Website for our work with Chicago-based Much Shelist.

With that site, we helped the full-service law firm completely rebrand how they presented themselves online. We also helped develop a style guide and branding guide for future reference.

We’ve leveraged the power and flexibility of Drupal for more than 20 different law firms. Each firm had different needs, but we have found there are some common attributes just about any firm could benefit from. Some of those include:

Proposal and profile generator
We worked with one of our larger clients to create a template that allows internal staff members to take information from their website and quickly generate a proposal or a lawyer profile in Microsoft Word. A process that used to be time-consuming and laborious is now simple and fast.

Website and HR connection
We worked with one firm to help solve a challenge that we’ve seen plague countless businesses from a variety of industries. The firm was looking to find a way to easily update its website whenever a lawyer joined or left the firm.

To solve that problem, we connected the website directly to the firm’s HR system. That way, whenever a person’s information is updated by HR, it also automatically is updated on the website directory.

Automatic news feed
In recent years, we’ve seen more law firms become interested in sharing content on their website, either about their lawyers or topics that they specialize in. Traditionally, a website administrator would have to create a new webpage that then linked out to a news article. The process doesn’t have to be so time consuming anymore.

We helped one firm become a better content aggregator by building the website to automatically collect news stories on the specific services the firm focused on. These stories were displayed throughout the site, making the site robust and topical, without being too time consuming to maintain.

There are countless other ways that law firms can enhance their website to better suit their needs and the needs of their clients. Remember those words I asked you about at the beginning of this?


  • Transformation.
  • Growth.
  • Innovation.
  • Opportunity.


Think about those words and how they relate to your website. How can you transform your website? Can you do so in a way that helps your firm grow? What’s something innovative you can do with the site? What opportunities are you missing out on?

Do you have answers to those questions? Do you want some help thinking through them? Either way, our team at Duo is ready to help you. Give us a call, or better yet, come visit us at the Legal Marketing Technology Conference Midwest.


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