Service over Technology

As a sales manager here at Duo, I am in the fortunate position to talk with a lot of potential clients. During those conversations, the question I get most frequently - and the one that frankly I like answering the most - is why a potential client should choose Duo instead of another agency.

The reality is there are hundreds, if not thousands of different web development options for an organization looking for a revamped or newly created website or digital platform. There aren't as many Drupal options as WordPress options, but there are still a number of choices for businesses to choose from.

So why Duo?


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My answer is pretty straightforward. I say the decision should come down to service over technology. Any web development company should be able to deliver a shiny new website - whether it fulfills your needs and whether the experience was an enjoyable one comes down to what type of service you receive. And at Duo, we don't think there's anyone that does customer service like we do.

We like to give white-glove service to all of our clients. Our team is made up of senior-level architects, designers and developers, which means you'll be dealing with an intellectual during every step of your project.

Our goal is to make every client feel their project is the only work that matters to us. When we do our discovery research with a client, we listen to what the client wants, but we also ask why they think they need that. Sure, we could hear what they want and deliver just that - and a lot of other agencies do that - but we want to know the why, because many times what the client thinks they want isn't actually solving the problem they're trying to solve.

For example, a potential might call us and say they need help setting up Drupal integrations with three different third-party companies. We could easily say, "No problem, we can help connect your site with those companies." But by asking "Why?" we're able to realize that the company wants these three integrations to help develop a more efficient way of moving users through the company's marketing funnel. With this information, we can go back to the client and say, "Well, we could do the integrations you're asking for, but did you know there is a Drupal module that integrates with one specific company that does all three things you're looking for?"

Instead of three integrations, and three different places to go for data, we could help the client consolidate.  We also are happy to connect clients with one another so they can learn about specific integrations and how they worked for another company.


I've had a number of conversations with our CEO, Michael Silverman, who routinely feels people have access to far more technology than they actually use. Part of that is because of vendors or businesses overselling products, but part of it is because a lot of organizations don't have someone who is there to look out for the organization's best interest.

At Duo, we look out for our clients.

We don't want to be your vendor. We want to be your strategic partner.

Our goal is to develop long-term clients. When a website is launched, we don't view it as the end of the project. Instead, we view that moment as a birth - the beginning of the website's existence. We constantly work with our clients to revisit their new sites, establish new goals and measure the site's performance against those goals. Our clients know we will give them a site that fits their needs and helps their business grow.

If you want a company to build you a new website, you have a lot of choices.

If you want a company to not only create a website for you but also work with you to evaluate the best way to accomplish those goals, a company that values service over technology, Duo is the choice for you.

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