Key Considerations for UX Design in Drupal

For modern businesses, just having a website isn’t good enough. The internet is everywhere, and users are all over it. If a brand’s digital output doesn’t reflect your brand or isn’t immediately intuitive, users will quickly exit out and try someone else.

UX Design is Key

Users have no shortage of choices on the internet, so every business should make sure that their website isn’t a dud. Creating a robust website that can sustain interest and drive growth is easier said than done. To capitalize on the opportunities and make your digital presence stand out, you’ll need to embrace User Experience (UX) Design.

UX refers to how people interface with a given platform. It’s not just a design – it’s a journey. And while these days anyone can build a website, not everyone can create an interface that engages and guides users. Luckily, Duo is here to help. Our new whitepaper, “Limitless UX in Drupal” offer a closer look into building sites with an intuitive, dynamic UX. After reading our whitepaper, you’ll be armed with principles and strategies that you can apply to your own site.

To really dive into user experience design, take a comprehensive view of the design process. We stress the importance of user research, since you can’t design something for users if you don’t know who they are. Along with surveying users for both qualitative and quantitative data, you should be interviewing segments of your audience to understand their thought process when navigating your site. It’s best to work with outsiders on this process – it’s hard to see the label when you’re inside the bottle. With your targeted user research in hand, you can chart how you want potential users to experience your site. For a UX strategy to succeed, it’s essential to do your homework beforehand.

Modern Design Trends

Once you’ve covered those steps, the fun begins. Another aspect of UX we explore in the whitepaper is modern design trends. As we explain, utilizing cutting-edge solutions can help you exceed users’ expectations. One example of this is the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to networks of interconnected devices.  Common consumer IoT devices include Nest thermostats and Amazon’s Alexa. Good UX design takes these innovations into account, integrating them into digital journeys.

New trends in UX are important to making your website feel fresh, but so is the foundation of UX design. By learning about how the field has evolved, you can see where trends and digital experiences are headed. In the early days banks in the United Kingdom offered telephone banking services through voice user interfaces (VUIs). This early example lays the groundwork for modern online banking as we know it. From early innovations like VUIs to modern capabilities like mobile check depositing, the uniting theme is creating a

Frictionless experience

Tying together the features of a UX strategy takes an adaptable and dynamic web platform. Duo Consulting specializes in building sites using the Drupal open-source CMS, because it offers the flexibility to build whatever you want. Boasting enterprise-level performance and an active community of developers, the Drupal platform ensures that the UX strategy you choose will be supported for years to come.

Even if you’re using a different web framework, you can’t afford not to think about UX. In a crowded and noisy digital landscape, making your site stand out is what counts. Learning about the principles, trends and history behind UX design can give you the advantage you need to create a unique journey for your potential users. If you’re ready to stand out and actively think about giving users something new, our new whitepaper can help you.

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