Duo Consulting Named in the Top Clutch 1000

In today’s fast paced, technically advanced landscape, it can be tough to adapt and fit as a company. There will always be competitors with more resources, bigger teams, and deeper experience. One surefire way to make your company stand out among the crowd is with a top of the line software solution, tailor-made to fit all of your clients’ needs. If you’re unsure where to begin Duo has got your back!

At Duo, we build connections. We develop digital platforms that bring people and organizations together. Our senior-level architects, designers, and developers combine the power of Drupal with modern design and personalized, white-glove service to bring our clients web experiences they can rely on.

Clutch 1000In light of our contributions to the technology industry, we’ve been named in the Clutch 1000, a list where Clutch recognizes companies as the top 1,000 B2B service providers worldwide! We’re listed as #554, 1 of 133 web development companies, and 1 of only 51 companies based out of Chicago! With approximately 160,000 companies listed on Clutch’s website, we are in the top 1%!

We’d like to take this time to highlight our customers for participating in client interviews on our behalf. They ranked our services a perfect five out of five stars! Please take a look at a recent review below!

Clutch screen

“We are thrilled to be chosen, once again, as one of the leading web developers in Chicago”

– Michael Silverman, CEO

Clutch is a B2B market research firm that uses a unique ratings methodology to rank leaders across industries. We’re also featured as one of the most highly skilled developers by The Manifest. Visual Objects, a visual portfolio platform that helps connect businesses with service providers, also names us as a top web development company in our area!

Thank you one and all for this immense honor! Please drop us a line if you’d like to give your company the solutions it needs to thrive!