Drupal MidCamp Missives

A number of my colleagues and I participated earlier this month at MidCamp 2017, where Drupal developers from around the Midwest gathered to network, learn and discuss their experiences with the open source platform.

MidCamp is a multi-day event that features a variety of speakers, training sessions, and sprints that center on Drupal.
midcamp.pngI had the pleasure to host a lunch session titled “The Drupal Expert Is In” on the first day of the event. During the session, I was available to answer a variety of different questions, including questions about troubleshooting issues with redirects, brainstorming specialized format filters for blog posts, and providing a developer with information on how to earn an Acquia certification. Duo also proudly served as an accessibility sponsor, because just as we care about making websites that are usable for all types of people, we wanted to make sure anyone interested in attending MidCamp was able to do so and have a great experience while there.

The energy surrounding MidCamp was exciting, and it’s always inspiring to see the Drupal community come together in hopes of strengthening the platform. I was fortunate to attend a number of sessions and came away energized by all of them.