Drupal is the Best Choice for Governments

Around the world, major companies have found value in the Drupal CMS. With its robust core and open source ecosystem, the strengths of Drupal platform have been embraced by organizations like the NBA, NBC and Pfizer. Drupal brings a lot of value to the private enterprise, but it’s just as useful to users in the public sector. Thanks to a number of key advantages, Drupal is the perfect choice for government websites.

Security is a paramount concern for government websites.

Luckily, Drupal is well-equipped against cyberthreats. While the stereotype about open source systems being more vulnerable persists, Duo’s experience with the platform has shown that this is far from the case. Drupal’s open source architecture means that bugs and viruses can be discovered and fixed by anyone in the community. That’s not the only line of defense for Drupal users, though. Drupal’s security team is staffed by experienced developers from the community and are able to ferret out threats quickly, often before they pose a threat to users. If security is a priority for your agency, Drupal is the sensible choice to ensure safety and privacy.

Drupal’s open source ecosystem is good for more than just security, though. While security is often the top priority for government sites, it’s also important to ensure transparency. Drupal’s powerful backend can handle large, complex repositories of data and present them with ease to users. The open source framework also enables concerned citizens to peer in and understand how the site is built and how it functions. Combine the natural advantages of Duo with its community building and personalization capabilities and you have a government site that works for its people.

The open source ecosystem can also help keep costs down. Contrasted with proprietary solutions, Drupal’s suite of modules, extensions and distributions are available for free. All of this can be attributed to Drupal’s community, which continues to provide maintenance and patches for existing solutions in addition to developing new ones. For governments looking to save money on their digital ventures, Drupal’s flexible range of solutions can help keep operational costs under control.

Governments are also obligated to reach as many constituents as possible, and, here again, Drupal demonstrates its value. Two ways that Drupal accomplishes this are through its accessibility standards and its multilingual capabilities. For one, Drupal is committed to meeting accessibility standards, so meeting WCAG guidelines is easier on the platform. On the language side, Included in the Drupal core are 4 modules that enable easy translation into other languages out of the box. With over 100 languages supported, Drupal can easily help government sites become multilingual.

With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that governments around the world have adopted Drupal for their digital platforms. In the U.S., NASA, disaster agencies and the Department of Energy all use Drupal for their web needs. Internationally, Drupal powers government platforms for countries ranging from Australia to the Netherlands to Bhutan.

Given our wide range of clients, it was inevitable that Duo would work with a government agency. Indeed, we’ve worked with Cook County in the past, reorganizing their site’s content without obscuring anything while still giving the site a fresh design.

“I don’t normally gush about things local government does, particularly Cook County. But I have to say that the county’s new website and data portal is a first-class piece of work,” Greg Hinz of Crain’s Chicago Business wrote of Duo’s work.

Drupal can handle the needs of all government agencies and Duo is the agency that can make the switch happen. If you’re interested in what a partnership with us can offer, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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