8 Popular Drupal Websites

“Weather.com is the highest trafficked Drupal site in existence, serving more than 100 million people per month.” - Drupal.org Case Study

Many sites we visit every day to do things like get news updates, check the weather, check sports scores and more, are built in Drupal. Drupal’s open-source platform is great for large-scale websites that need flexibility, custom integrations and have high volumes of traffic. Plus, there is a huge community supporting and constantly improving Drupal and a large number of knowledgeable developers who are skilled in making Drupal sites that are innovative and truly remarkable.

1. The Weather Channel

Weather.com, like many other large sites, chose Drupal’s open-source solution to help with things like flexibility, scalability, reduced infrastructure requirements, and integration capabilities. Weather.com experiences high volumes of traffic and of course needed to be responsive. By choosing Drupal, The Weather Channel (weather.com) was able to address new requirements that came up throughout the process and know a great solution could be created to fit their unique needs. Plus, the large Drupal community and availability of knowledgeable Drupal developers was a huge contributor to Weather.com’s choice to use Drupal.

“The Weather Channel’s move to Drupal shows how complex, content-rich sites benefit from an open, agile platform to deliver an amazing experience for every site visitor.” - Dries Buytaert, Acquia CTO and Drupal project creator

Learn more about why Weather.com chose Drupal in this video interview.


2. Men’s Health

The Men’s Health website serves up content to visitors around the world and boasts an average of 38 million page views per month. With over 40 content editors worldwide, the magazine’s website needed to be incredibly powerful and so they chose Drupal.

3. AutoTrader.com

AutoTrader.com is a site for one of America’s leading auto dealerships, the Larry H. Miller Group. This site offers buyers incentives to drive their buying decisions in a unique new buying strategy. Drupal made it easy to integrate the necessary external data feeds and keep information up-to-date. This enterprise Drupal site required complex content workflows which are managed easily in Drupal.

4. NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal, NBC.com and NBC Sports use Drupal as their CMS. One of the main reasons NBCUniversal chose Drupal was because of the amazing Drupal community. They knew through Drupal’s capabilities and the Drupal community they would be able to deploy their site quickly and scale their site moving forward. They have many brands, some of which have 30 editors who use the system to publish content. Drupal scaled well on the editorial side and the editors have been happy using Drupal. NBC Universal had previously looked at many content systems that were great for one thing but not everything they needed. Drupal was the first solution that NBC felt could cover all of their needs without having to modify parts of the solution to be something it wasn’t. NBCUniversal partnered with Acquia as a knowledge resource to help them make informed decisions about using Drupal and guide them to making the best decisions for their business. Watch this video interview by Acquia with NBCUniversal to learn more.

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5. Whole Foods

The Whole Foods website takes advantage of the many customizable aspects of Drupal. They needed a way for their many store locations to represent their individual offerings and messages while still providing a consistent experience for visitors. There are some geolocation features that help manage what content is displayed when and where. In addition, they use social media sites like Pinterest to engage users and drive traffic back to the site from recipes other people pin.

6. Serial Podcast and This American Life

This American Life is a Chicago Public Radio program produced weekly and distributed internationally by public radio and as a free podcast. Episodes have been airing for over 20 years and the site is now using Drupal as its CMS. Drupal is a top choice for building online media publishing platforms. This American Life’s very popular Serial Podcast is one of many podcasts that chose Drupal as their CMS. The site is of course completley responsive and looks great on all devices. 


7. Loyola Medicine

The Loyola University Medical Center decided to use Drupal for its main site as well as related sites to handle their over one million visitors per month, technical challenges and multiple data feeds. The Loyola Medicine Drupal site integrates multiple data feeds, was built with searchability in mind and has a completely improved user experience. Read more about Loyola’s site in this case study.


8. Patch

Patch.com publishes nearly 1,000 stories per day to nearly 1,000 local “Patches.” This volume of content and media assets combined with high traffic volumes accessing the site 24/7 means Patch needed something that could support this all without a doubt. The Patch platform uses Drupal in a unique way to guarantee fast page loading and manage all the content. Patch CEO Abraham Brewster commented on how his whole team knows Drupal and can easily navigate the platform.

“I don’t have to call a javascript person to come in when I only need him or her once a week. Ours is a very uniform, knowledge-base reinforcing team. If someone doesn’t know a function, someone else has handled the problem before.” - Abraham Brewster, Patch CEO

These sites prove that Drupal is not only flexible, capable of amazing integrations and handling large volumes of content, but it is backed by a truly incredible community. Visit “Who Uses Drupal?” to see a long list of the many sites using Drupal including Angie’s list, Mental Floss, Virgin and more! Ready to get started on your own enterprise Drupal website? Fill out our Start Your Project form to get started now.

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