5 Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Agency (vs. in-house DIY)

When you begin to work on a new web project or embark on a website redesign, it can be tough to decide how much can be covered by your in-house development team and what warrants finding an agency to partner with. There are many benefits to hiring a web development agency over trying to do everything in-house. In addition to the experience, agencies have flexibility, scalability and simply an outside perspective.

Covering All Your Project's Bases

When you partner with an agency to develop your website or collaboration platform you get a much wider range of expertise. While your in-house team may be very experienced in a few areas, an agency has specialists with various backgrounds including everything from development on your specific platform to optimizing your web project for SEO. When working with an agency you’ll have a team of specialists at your disposal with a wide variety of skills.

Say you’re redesigning your website to be responsive. It is nearly impossible to do this without some UX consideration and some redesign. Once the site is designed with mobile responsiveness in mind, how does that change the layout of your page? A marketing expert may weigh in and say that certain pieces need to be moved around to insure conversions. Following that, a designer and marketing expert may work together to lay out information in an appropriate hierarchy to communicate the right message while maintaining SEO optimization. Looking good and functioning properly are only two parts of the overall success of your web project. To get the best outcome possible you’ll want all of these different experts at your disposal.


Past Development Experience to the Rescue

In addition to having expertise in multiple specialties available, an agency has the benefit of past experience. Having worked on many projects over time means they’ve already learned a lot of lessons your in-house team may not yet have learned. They can draw on past experiences with website projects and use that knowledge to make your project more efficient and even save you money.

Capable As Your Project's Goals Change

As you continue to work on your site or move through discovery to determine what you want out of your site you may find that your goals change. Certain aspects of your site may need to be set up differently. You may have a few in house developers who are experts in certain things but aren’t knowledgeable in something you end up wanting to include on your site. An agency has experts available to advise and build even as your site’s needs and goals change. Your project will never have to slow down while you look to hire someone with the expertise you’re looking for. Instead, your team can change as you need and you can call on experts quickly and easily.

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Flexible for Your Development Needs

In addition to being able to change and scale with your needs, web development agencies are more flexible than an in-house team. If you are unsure of how much work you’ll need done on your web project, it’s likely best to use an agency. This way, your in-house team can partner with the agency team and consider them an extension of themselves. The agency can be used a lot for the initial phases of a project and less for maintenance or updates in the future. This way you’re not locked into paying a large in-house team when you don’t need them.

More Eyes on the Web Project Prize

Finally, a larger team available at an agency will not only give you a wider range of expertise, you’ll simply get more eyes on the prize. In addition to your in-house team you’ll have even more people invested in the success of your project. Plus, an agency team will have a fresh perspective and may be able to suggest things your in-house team can’t. Agencies thrive on innovation and coming up with new ways to solve problems.

So, at the end of the day you have to consider what your in-house team is capable of. Are you expecting one person to do the job of (and have the knowledge of) four or five people with expertise in different areas? When you work with an agency you can build a great partnership where their team feels like an extension of your own. You’ll get high quality work, extensive expertise, and innovation from skilled professionals in all the areas you need.

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