4 Advantages of Open Source Software

Duo specializes in Drupal because we believe that it’s one of the best content management options out there for businesses. There are many reasons why we advocate for the software, but many of them derive from one key factor: open source.

Drupal is an open source solution, meaning that anyone can inspect, modify and enhance its source code. Put simply, this means that any user can download and adjust Drupal to meet their needs. Additionally, open source means that these changes can be shared across the ecosystem, allowing other users to build upon and learn from new perspectives. Powered by an ethos of collaboration and innovation across boundaries, open source solutions like Drupal represent more than just an approach to web development – they demonstrate a commitment to openness and community.

Beyond the values of the open source way, software like Drupal confers a number of benefits over proprietary software.


If anyone can take a look at an open source site’s source code, you may ask, wouldn’t that make it more vulnerable? As it turns out, this is not the case. Because anyone in a given open source community can see the code, that means anyone can spot the flaws and alert others. As a consequence, vigilant open source community users can quickly identify and patch security issues. Such activity is so widespread that the EU has begun to offer bounties for open source software bugs. Drupal even has its own security team made up of seasoned developers, ensuring a swift response to issues that arise.


Contrasted with proprietary software, where a company releases new products to their suites from the top-down, new features in open source ecosystems arise from its users. With over a million members working in Drupal, new modules and features proliferate every day. The latest version of the software, Drupal 8, promises robust integration capabilities and a modern digital experience, and it wouldn’t be possible without contributions from 4,500 users, companies and organization working in the open source space.


Somewhat paradoxically, the level of freedom offered by open source software enables organizations to exercise a greater degree of control over their sites. Remember the scores of contributed add-ons mentioned in the last section? On Drupal, you can use any combination of those components to build your site to your specifications. From themes that can change the layout of your site to modules that can add new functionalities to the core, Drupal can be configured in any way you choose. If your organization uses another software solution, that’s no problem, either. Drupal’s API-first philosophy makes integrations simple without sacrificing functionality. Whatever you want for your site, Drupal can help you get it.


The strength of an open source community is dependent on those users who actually work within it. In the case of Drupal, the community is one of the platform’s greatest assets. In addition to the aforementioned volunteer security team and contribution ecosystem, the Drupal community is constantly trying to build camaraderie and encourage inclusion. Regional camps, like MidCamp, bring together myriad members for the community for programming ranging from sprints to seminars. Each year, the annual DrupalCon show takes this approach even further. Drupal users from around the world come together to learn more about the state of Drupal and share new solutions with each other. Empowered by the freedom of open source, the Drupal community continues to work together to improve the platform that unites them.

With an experienced team of developers and designers, Duo has long championed Drupal because of the strengths of the open source approach. By leveraging Drupal’s open source ecosystem, Duo has created unique and robust sites for a diverse range of clients, from law firms to religious organizations to tech firms. The common thread here is Drupal, whose capabilities and culture continue to make it a strong choice for innovative enterprise digital experiences.

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