We create websites with the functionality you need and the experience your visitors expect. We LOVE Drupal for web development because of its open source architecture and well-documented API, which means we can easily integrate your website with other applications. That integration helps us make Content Marketing sites that attract, convert, and delight users, and Collaboration platforms that allow you to collect and highlight user-generated content.

Duo has always been value driven. Our core values outline how we work together and how we relate to our clients and community.

Our office handles every step of a project, and we keep you informed and involved throughout that process. During the course of a project with Duo, you will speak directly with designers, developers, content strategists and project managers.

There are no egos in our office. We collaborate across our internal disciplines and come up with the best solutions for you, the client.

When you hire Duo, you are not strictly hiring a Drupal development firm; you are hiring consultants who dive deep into your digital strategy to propose new ideas that will help you accomplish your goals. We’ve spent more than 15 years helping organizations drive measurable results thanks to our strategic approach to website design and development.

We are a leader in the open source community and trusted for the work we do. We combine a highly-skilled, business-focused strategic team that works face-to-face with clients and a technical team that provide efficiency and scalability for enterprise clients. We operate with a spiral process that combines the structure of waterfall development with the flexibility that comes with a more agile approach. The result is a stunning experience for you and your users.

When we begin a project, we make sure to first become experts on your business goals so we better understand the challenges you face. From there we are able to create websites that attract visitors and move them through a defined path to conversion, or develop intranets that showcase popular topics to follow, while providing your employees with a better resource to communicate with one another.

We dive deep into your target personae, identify users’ goals and define the problems we’re trying to solve. We use content to guide your users to take action, and we use analytics to monitor traffic, conversion rates and customer engagement. That data is then used to find new ways to optimize your site and improve the user experience.

In our eyes, the launch of your website is just the beginning of our relationship, because even a perfect site is never truly finished. Duo is in the business of making long-term partnerships with great clients. We offer support agreements that guarantee the integrity of your site post launch with ongoing maintenance, security patches and bug fixes.

With every support agreement, Duo provides priority service and a dedicated project manager who manages your ongoing updates and ensures you’re staying within budget.

If you’re looking for more than just a one-time build, Duo’s the company for you.

CIGNEX Datamatics was founded in 2000 with a vision to help organizations leverage Open Source technologies to achieve their business objectives. Today the business is focused on driving digital transformation through open source, the cloud and automation.

In 2016, CIGNEX Datamatics made an investment in Duo to offer various project engagement models, including onsite, offshore, and hybrid models to maximize value for our clients. Using offshore resources by no means is a requirement, but it has the potential of saving clients’ tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.