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Aug. 28, 2014

What is Chicago HUG?

If you’ve spent anytime working with Hubspot, or any time in the digital marketing world perhaps you’ve heard of Chicago HUG. Also known as Chicago’s Hubspot User Group. I had the pleasure of attending HUG for the first time this week and wanted to share what HUG is all about with those of you out there who may not be familiar.

HUG is a group of Hubspot user or enthusiast looking to expand the Hubspot community and enhance their knowledge of all things Hubspot. There are employees sent direct from Hubspot to demonstrate some of the latest and greatest features. There are professional users who have been working with the marketing software for years. And there are people just looking to take their first steps into marketing automation. Whatever level of experience you have HUG has something for you.

The real meat of any HUG meetup are the presentations about the software or different Hubspot events. This month, for the August meet up, Angela DeFranco walked us through  three steps to becoming more effective data driven marketers. Her presentation focused on the reporting feature that sometimes is neglected in the main Hubspot toolbar. She also talked us through the double down approach to capitalize on our marketing efforts that is working, rather than getting caught up in what isn’t.

The presentations aren’t always about new features however. For the September meet up, next month, we will be talking about INBOUND 2014: takeaways, retrospectives, and exciting new reveals.

Before and after the main presentation are networking events--with plenty of beer and pizza. These are great opportunities to connect with other Hubspot users in your city, and learn from their experience. If you’re interested in Digital Marketing, especially in Hubspot specifically, I’d encourage you to check out the Chicago HUG main page here, and checking out an upcoming meeting.

We all hope to see you there!

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