Dec. 19, 2013

Searching for Peace, Love and Brotherhood

Love is trending up. Peace, unfortunately, is not. Brotherhood hit a peak in 2010 and has been declining since. What can I say?

Of course, I’m referring to the reports generated by my favorite Google gadget, Google Trends, a cool tool that displays a trendline over time of the phrases for which people search.  A recent Tweet drew my attention to Google’s Top Charts of search trends, a must-view thing to explore while wiling away commercial break time during the gauntlet of Bowl games ahead of us.

But the real fun begins when you begin to explore trends for phrases that mean something specifically to you. At Duo we talk, write and develop projects around subjects like content marketing and content strategy and social networks using the Drupal platform.  We do so because we believe these are important and emerging practices for people who seek to achieve meaningful objectives online. I wondered if anyone else thought these phrases were important, so I looked at Google Trends.


Google trend search for the phrase Drupal

Drupal took off like a bat out of Hell starting around 2005. Duo jumped on the Drupal bandwagon in early 2008 during its aggressive ascendancy. Although not attracting the level of curious search it did when it peaked in 2010, Drupal is a steady search performer. And more esoteric searches for niches within Drupal (like the upcoming Drupal 8 release) are quite formidable and trending in their own right.

Content Marketing

Google Trends for search of the phrase content marketing

Although Duo produced the nationally acclaimed Web Content Marketing Conference from 2006 to 2011,  we were a wee bit ahead of the trend and content marketing did not really get traction until 2011. No doubt a deeper analytic effort would connect this rise to social media (hockey stick-like growth since 2009) and the integration of social signals with online search. Today it is generally understood that if you are not content marketing you are simply not marketing.

Social Networks

Google Trends search for the phrase social networks

Social Networks gained search attention in 2007 and were blowing the lid off by 2011 undoubtedly with an assist by the movie, The Social Network. Although searches for this phrase are robust but not trending, like the phrase Drupal, multiple niches within social networks – such as social portals and enterprise social networks remain consistently strong.

In the Year 2014

I’m not your financial broker and I have no reluctance telling you that past performance does, in fact, predict future performance. In 2014, the Internet will continue to grow as a social environment and develop as a World Wide Web of interconnected humanity. Good content directed at finely targeted niches will increasingly draw attention and gain prominence in search and other tools used to discover this content. And open source solutions, notably Drupal with its army of over 1,000,000 people in 229 countries speaking 181 languages, will become the dominant platform for realizing the Internet’s power and potential.

About peace, love and brotherhood I’m equally confident because, in spite of what Google Trends shows me and the New York Times tells me, I believe in the goodness of mankind. 

Happy and Healthy New Year.

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