Dec. 11, 2013

How the Content Marketer's Treasure Chest is Bringing Sexy Back.

Portent's idea generator helps you manage the challenging task of overseeing your marketing department's editorial calendar. 

No, Justin Timberlake isn't in the building.
Yes, the Content Idea Generator is in my inbox.

Hectic schedules, new projects, and a lack of inspiration may be a few of the roadblocks regular contributor’s to your organization’s content efforts face when it comes time to put the pen to paper, or words to word document.
The Content Idea Generator can’t help with the first two, but it sure can help eliminate writer’s block for you and your team.
How does it work?

Step 1: Brainstorm a subject.

Pinpoint a topic (that you can articulate in 29 characters or less) that you are ready to write about. Type it in and click that big white arrow.
For example: Beyonce’s Marketing Tactics 

Step 2: Let the ideas flow.

Here’s an example of what comes up after. Unimpressed by the first generation? Click the arrow for more.

An Expert Interview About Beyonce’s Marketing Tactics
8 Unexpected Ways Beyonce’s Marketing Tactics Can Give You Better Hair
What Mom Never Told You About Beyonce’s Marketing Tactics
Why Beyonce’s Marketing Tactics Will Change Your Life


Not only does the Idea Generator give you suggestions for post titles but it breaks down why the titles work in an educational and light-hearted way.

Why include Why? Be the thought leader on your subject and tell others what they need to know about your field.
Subject tip: Break news when you can. In this case, be the first to analyze Beyonce's latest release from a marketer's perspective.
Where there's a Will: There is a value proposition. Readers want something of value. Always.
Use firm language: Be bold. People like bold. 

Next time a contributor comes to you with empty hands send them the Content Idea Generator (or what I like to call the Content Marketer's Treasure Chest) and saw farewell to writer's block forever. 

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Ariel Upton

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