Jan. 29, 2014

Building a Website With Buyer Personas

Why are buyer personas important to your website? They promote engagement.

From the inside, it’s easy to know all of the facts and attributes about your company’s products or services. Unfortunately, this knowledge can often be lost in translation when trying to communicate it to your consumers online. It’s key that you develop buyer personas and build a persona-centric website in order to prevent miscommunication and to better market your company.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a distinct group of potential customers, an archetypal person whom you want your marketing to reach. - David Meerman Scott

Companies often have multiple personas to represent each of the various audiences they are trying to reach. Here's a basic example of what a specific buyer persona looks like:

What does effective persona execution look like?

Every form of communication that your company publishes should be tailored and designed with your buyer persona in mind. This should include everything from your website copy and social media content, to your blogs and email newsletters. Modify your language, tone and subject matter to best suit a specific buyer persona’s preferences and needs.

It’s essential that everyone in your organization knows and understands your buyer personas to maintain consistency and a singular tone of voice. Consumers should feel as though you are speaking directly to them when they’re engaging with your content. 

Your future customers don't come to your website to read about your products and services. They come to your website to determine what you can do for them and what solution you can provide. When you know what a potential customer is looking for you have the opportunity to tell them exactly how you can help them.

The most successful companies make their consumers feel something positive about their product or organization. This positive emotion facilitates a consumer’s connection with your company, which could lead to a purchase, or better yet, positive word of mouth. Two great examples of companies with persona-focused sites are Urbanbound and AAA Life Insurance. Both companies’ site content is solution-driven – it speaks to consumers as a helping hand, rather than a sales pitch.

Buyer Personas

How do I begin layering personas into my marketing strategy?

The best way to start incorporating buyer personas into your company marketing strategy is to identify and ask questions of your target consumers. This can be done by looking at your current clients and inquiring:

·     What is their budget?

·      What problems do they face in their day-to-day life/job?

·      Where are they in the buying/decision-making process?

It is only by questioning your buyer personas that you can truly begin to understand their problem. Going one step further, it’s only by understanding your personas’ problems that you can begin to create solution-driven content that appeals to them.

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